jsPanel v4 beta

A JavaScript library to create highly configurable floating panels, modals, tooltips, hints/notifiers/alerts or contextmenus for use in backend solutions and other web applications.

highly configurable

  • A huge amount of options allows to configure the appearance of a jsPanel
  • Optionally add extra toolbars to header or/and footer sections
  • Support for Boostrap (3 and 4) themes and Material-Design-for-Bootstrap themes is built-in
  • Customize the panel controls with built-in support for icon fonts Font-Awesome, Material-Icons and Glyphicon
  • Built-in support for RTL text direction
  • Use it as standard panel, modal, tooltip, hint/notifier or contextmenu
  • And much more ...

no dependencies

As of version 4.0.0 jsPanel is written in plain JavaScript, all dependencies are removed.

All you need is a modern browser with JavaScript enabled.

It's important to realize that jsPanel v4 is not a jQuery plugin anymore and also doesn't depend on jQuery anymore. This for example means that you cannot use jQuery methods the way you might be used to from previous jsPanel versions.

The following polyfills are included:


The use of jsPanel is not limited to normal panels. Via plugins jsPanel can also be used as:

  • modal (supports multiple modals)
  • tooltip/popover
  • hint/notifier/alert
  • contextmenu

The global object jsPanel provides a few convenience methods that might be helpful, not only for jsPanel.


A fair amount of ...

  • methods
  • properties
  • events

... allow you to work with already existing jsPanels.

Configurable interactions to drag and resize existing panels are built-in.

Save and restore layout of jsPanels via extension.

jsPanel on GitHub, npm, CDNJS, Twitter
jsPanel is Open Source and free. And that's what it will remain. However, if you like my work and want to support it I'd be very grateful for a small donation.

Thanks a lot to JetBrains for granting an All Products Pack Open Source License to jsPanel.